What You Need To Know About The American State Flags

It is a common knowledge for everyone that America is considered to be one of the world's powerhouse. These is true and so is its flag. It has been a representative of the American dream all over the world. The famous stars and stripes is a very popular image of America. That is why there are a lot of houses, establishments in the county that don the American flag. They can even be found on cars and t-shirts as well. The American flag has also been made into badges and other ornaments. There are also special occasions wherein an American flag is hoisted in the air to commemorate a special occasion in the country's history.

But did you know that side from the official flag of the United States, there are also flags that are used by all the 50 states? These flags are called the state flags and it is a sort of individual identifier of every state in America.  But the state flags are only considered secondary as the main one is the national flag which is identified by every American. The Colorado state flags, however, represent the prestige, evolution and the glory of the country.

The number of the stars in the American National flags represents every state that America has. According to history, that from the year 1777 up to 1779, there were only thirteen stars in the flag as there were only thirteen states back then. But as the years progress, more and more states are being added and so is the additional of more starts in the national flag. But as these states are formed, they also created their very own state flag. 

 A state flag for example of Columbia, Washington D.C has a state flag that has three stars and  two stripes  which are colored  red with a white background and it is in a triangular shape. And the state of America, Puerto Rico also has their very own state flag. 

Aside from state flag, there are also flags that are used by the armed forces. The Air Force, Army, Marine have their own service flags. Service flags use to represent the families as well as the members of the armed forces of America. These service flags can be displayed in case a member of the family is going to war and it will stay until the hostilities has ended. On the other hand, the state flags of America only showcases how different areas have converged to form one of the strongest nations in the whole world. For more info about the American state flag, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flags_of_the_U.S._states.