State Flags: Texas, The Lone Star State

The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world and with that, the United Stated flag has brought significance and importance to every nation and every country in the world. The United States flag represents the entire country with stars and stripes.

One of the 50 states in the United Stated is Texas and it has been nicknamed Lone Star State. It is called the Lone Star State due to it symbolic struggles of Texas with Mexico as well as it victories. The star has played an important part of the state seal and the state flag. Texas is the second largest state in the US. It has a diverse topography from pine tree plantation to swamp lands, coastal area, forests and prairie land. 

One of the launch pads of NASA the Johnson Space Center is located in Houston Texas and it has earned its recognition as one of the most popular tourist spots for those who would like to study and know more about the space technology. There are other attractions at the center which includes Blast of Gallery, Astronaut Gallery, Kid's Space Play and other. There are also space camps that are being organized by NASA within the center and this provides hands on experience on Astronomy for kids. 

The San Antonio River Walk is often visited and enjoyed by people who love adventure. The river walk is located within the banks of the San Antonio River where you will also find the historic district of La Villita. 

San Antonio Sea World and marine parks has also earned a lot of recognition of showcasing aquatic animals and other life forms in their most natural way. It also provides memorable experience for everyone who will visit the place. The San Antonio Sea World also has an array of water related activities that both young and old will truly enjoy such as water rides, interaction with the sea creature and water parks. 

Texas State Capitol Complex is one of the monumental structures in all of Texas due to its unique architecture. The building was built in the 19th century and has made a lot of contributions in the history of America. The building is located at the highest point in Austin with picturesque view of the Colorado River. The structure is taller that the National Capitol Building for about 15 feet. 

The Texas State Aquarium has the most exotic fish collection and it also offers different movies and presentation about aquatic life. They also organize sea camps for children since this is one of the best learning place for them to learn. Visit to learn more about the state flag.